Welcome to New Beginnings Vintage.  My name is Sheree and I am based in Hungerford, West Berkshire.

Founded in 2014, New Beginnings Vintage are proud to be part of the sustainable fashion movement. Much of the vintage clothing is durable and long lasting unlike fast fashion today. When you buy our vintage items you make a statement by reducing, reusing and recycling, saving perfectly wearable clothing from going to landfill.

The vintage community is a great place where like minded people share a common interest and passion. As a vintage fashion lover I am always looking for great vintage items to share with you. One of the best bits of running a vintage business is hunting down and sourcing the best unique items, then seeing them being reused and recycled by vintage loving customers.

In addition to our vintage clothing we also offer pre-loved "vintage style" retro clothing for ladies and gents and a range of reproduction tin ware from Nostalgic Art.